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Registration for the North & Central American Conference

Conference Dates are Oct. 27-31, 2019

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Ilse Beunen, Sogetsu Somu, added to roster of 18th NCARC Workshops
lse Beunen, Belgian Sogetsu teacher, e-newsletter publisher, ikebana book author, blogger and ikebana e-course instructor,  will be in Dallas for the Ikebana International 18th North and Central American Conference.  She will be doing two Sogetsu workshops for Conference registrants.  She says, "Ikebana, often translated as Japanese Flower Arranging, is much more than flower arranging. It is a philosophy and lifestyle which helps you slow down, enjoy nature, and find your inner self, as well as developing creative skills and techniques to make beautiful living art."  If you don't currently follow her, you can check her website: Ilse Beunen 

These workshops will be offered so that they don't conflict with other Sogetsu workshops.  Look for these workshop options to be on the 18th NCARC Registration website shortly.

There is no longer a limit on the number of workshops for which you can register.  To register for Ilse Beunen's workshop or other workshops please click here.  You will need the email you used to register and your registration number, which can be located on the confirmation of registration which was emailed to you.

The website can be accessed from ikebanadallas.org  and click on "18th NCARC Registration" link or this link which takes you right to all the Conference information and registration pages. You can view a flyer here.

When making reservations, members will need to know their Ikebana membership number (found on membership card). If you are not an I.I. member, simply input 99999 as your Ikebana membership number.  

The Conference is also seeking donations, ads for the Souvenir book and Corporate Sponsorships.  You can do so through the Iwaya Fund or by clicking this link

If you have questions, please contact:

  • Patricia O'Reilly - Dallas Chapter at  18thncarc@gmail.com
  • Sandra Prachyl - Ft. Worth Chapter at ikebanafortworth@gmail.com 
  • Ikebana Dallas website
  • A Facebook Page has been set up to keep you up to date.  This  page will provide ongoing information about what’s going on in Dallas and Fort Worth.  It will keep you apprised of new events, major transportation changes, etc., so you can start your planning as soon as possible!  You will also be able to exchange information on this Facebook Page.

Thursday, September 26, 9AM-2PM
Ikebana International Philadelphia Chapter 71
Annual Luncheon and Demonstration “Autumn Inspirations"
Ohara School of Ikebana, featuring Jose Salcedo, 1st Term Master of the Ohara School 
Radnor Valley Country Club, 555 Sproul Road, Villanova, PA
Workshops: Friday, September 27, St. David’s Episcopal Church, 763 South Valley Forge Road, Wayne, PA
Workshops open to members of all schools