We welcome new members at any time during the year. 

You may join our chapter 
by downloading the form at the bottom of this page.
It contains instructions for payment.

Or you may join at any of our monthly meetings.

There are no prerequisites for membership.  
No previous floral experience is necessary. 


Annual dues collected by Chapter 85 are currently $65.00. 

Membership Benefits

Monthly (March through December) Chapter newsletters.
orkshop lessons are provided to members of our chapter on most of our monthly meeting days. Please see the file at the bottom of the page regarding lesson etiquette.

Ikebana International Magazine: A premier publication, issued three times a year, richly illustrated with color plates of ikebana arrangements, articles on ikebana and related arts and cultural topics.

Chapter Activities Newsletter and Sakura News: Two lively newsletters that keep members informed of what is happening at chapters and regions around the world and at I.I. Headquarters.

Access to all past issues of I.I. newsletters viewable online through the I.I. website.

Eligibility to join Ikebana International's 163 chapters worldwide, to participate in chapters' monthly meetings enjoy ikebana demonstrations, exhibitions, workshops, fairs and activities.

Opportunities to share ideas about ikebana, and most of all to enjoy our motto “Friendship Through Flowers”, by making new friends around the world.

Regional Conferences and World Conventions:
Regional Conferences are held periodically in various regions throughout the world for the purpose of offering educational and cultural exchange opportunities to our members close to home. Every five years an I.I. World Convention is held in Japan.

Monthly Chapter Meetings: Members usually get together at monthly or bimonthly meetings to see ikebana demonstrations, hear lectures on related topics or participate in ikebana exhibitions or other events. By reciprocal arrangement, members are welcome to visit other chapters while on their travels.

Transfer of Membership: A member may transfer from one chapter to another upon presentation of a current, valid membership card.


Guest fee: $2 per visit to observe. Non-members wishing to participate in a workshop must pay a $10 fee, plus the cost of flowers [when provided]. Visitors may attend two meetings as guests, and then may choose to join Ikebana International. 

The morning workshop is an extra lesson provided as a courtesy to Chapter members and to guests paying a fee. The morning lesson is not obligatory, and the guest fee is not transferable to Chapter membership.

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