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Asheville (NC) Chapter 74                          Ichiyo Ikebana                            Ichiyo: Janet Knowlton 
Boston Chapter 17                                        Ikenobo Ikebana                     Ikenobo: Lauren Paul 
Chicago Chapter 27                                      Sogetsu Ikebana                                        Cheryl Linck
Charlotte NC  Chapter 49                                                                               Sogetsu: Yasuko Nelson   
Colorado Springs Chapter 95                     Banmi Shofu Ryu                                    Leslie Rosinski
Columbus OH Chapter 84                          Chiko Ikebana
Dallas Chapter 13                                         Misho Ikebana 
Denver Chapter 66                                       Ohara Ikebana
Harrisburg Chapter 18                                Ryuseiha Ikebana 
Honolulu Chapter 56                                   Saga Goryu Ikebana
Houston Chapter 12                                     Shinpa Seizan
Los Angeles Chapter 4                                Wafu Ikebana
Melbourne Chapter 216                             
Miami Chapter 131                                      
Monterey Bay Chapter 231                        
Montreal Chapter 155
Naples Chapter 160                                     Consulate-General of Japan in Detroit
New York Chapter 7                                    Japan America Society Detroit/Windsor
Orlando-Winter Park Chapter 132

Ikebana Iwaya Fund (IIF)
The Ikebana Iwaya Fund (I.I.F.) is an IRS 501(c) (3) non-profit organization established in 2006 to provide support for ikebana activities.  The fund serves as a vehicle for donations to any donor-designated Ikebana International chapter or headquarters, ikebana schools, study groups, or independent ikebana organizations. Each dollar in your designated donation to the IIF gains two dollars for the IIF Permanent Endowment Fund from the estate of the IIF Founder, Sumako Iwaya Solenberger.


Third Edition - Newly Revised and Enlarged
Valuable information for anyone who works with floral materials
● Japanese, Latin and common names of flowers
● Spiral binding for ease of use
● Space to record your own experience with various methods
● Convenient size to keep handy in your workbox of tools