Chapter 85 History

Part 2

1976 to 1990


1976 - 1978: Dolores Alexander

1978 - 1980: Jane Windeler

1980 - 1982: Helen Tozer

1982 - 1984: Jackie Young

1984 - 1986: Mildred Pangman

1986 - 1988: Carolyn Nisbet

1988 - 1990: Kumiko Mary Oshika

October 1976

Somerset Mall

April 1977

May 1978

June 15, 1978

Display for Detroit Bank and Trust

October 1979

May 14, 1980

Visitors to Saginaw

The Japanese Culture Study Club of Southfield sent a delegation of members to Saginaw this week to examine the Japanese Garden. Mrs Eugene D. Mossner led the group on a tour of the garden and the Saginaw Historical Museum. Members of Ikebana International attended.

(Saginaw News Photo)

May 1981

October 1981

June 1982

September 1982

Evelyn Brundrett Florence Dietrich

Lee Wainstock Anita Allen

December 1982

Dorie Miller

Masako Kondo

Mary Oshika, Roxie Weston, Mildred Pangman, Toshi Shimoura, Sophie Natsis

May 1983

Four Past Presidents

Dolores Alexander, Jane Windeler, Louise McKenzie, Shirley Townsend

October 1983

Ikenobo Workshop with Mary Takahashi

Front: Roxie Weston, Mary Takahashi, Jackie Young

Rear: Mary Oshika, Rose Smitka, Helen Tozer, Toshi Shimoura, Doreen Gordon

Front: Doris Lang, Mary Takahashi, Jackie Young, Priscilla Rasmussen

Rear: Jane Windeler, Dolores Alexander, Carolyn Nisbet, Mildred Pangman, Carlie Lackey, Florence Dietrich, Salome Tom

December 14, 1983

Carolyn Nisbet, Lillian Norvell, Ricki Beleu

June 1984

Jackie Young, Akiko Sherman, Sue Donnelly, Lee Wainstock, Kimiko M.

October 1984

Professor Nakabalyashi and Toshi Shimoura

March 1985

Kimiko Gunji and students: Doreen Gordon, Lynn Eby,

Rosita Krass and Toshi Shimoura

Kimiko Gunji

June 1985

November 1985

Garnishing Program

Mary Oshika and Kimiko M.

May 1986

Winchester Mall Flower Show

Jean Flaherty, Carolyn Nisbet

Chan-Ju Seo

Sogetsu Teacher

May 15, 1986

Toshi Shimoura, Kimiko Gunji, Mary Oshika

Carolyn Nisbet, Kimiko Gunji

May 1987

Ingrid Luders, Carolyn Nisbet, Mildred Pangman

March 1989

June 1989

Installation of Officers

Toshi Shimoura, Sue Donnelly, Mary Morkun, Nancy Meyer, Rose Smitka, Mary Oshika

March 1990

May 1990

June 1990

Installation of Officers by Past Presiddent Jane Windeler at June Picnic

L-R: Mary Oshika, Rose Smitka, Charlotte Ford, Dee Warrick, Margaret Masuzawa, Toshi Shimoura