Meeting Schedule

April 2023

Wednesday, April 12

Morning Workshop

10:00 a.m.

Northwest Unitarian Universalist Church

23925 Northwestern Hwy, Southfield MI

Hanging Style Nagiere 2-9

by Leslie Rosinski, Sogetsu School

In this workshop, we will focus on one of the basic lessons in Sogetsu.  The hanging style, unique to Nagiere,  has Shin arranged  facing downward from the mouth of the vase.  In the Nagiere style, materials are arranged in a tall cylindrical or urn-shaped vase without using a kenzan.  In this lesson we will use the cross-bar fixture, called Jumonji-dome to fix our materials. For this workshop we will be using only two materials: a branch material and flowers.

Materials Needed:

What to bring:

Please remember $5 Venue Fee

Afternoon Workshop

12:30 p.m.

Morimono with Branches

by Leslie Rosinski, Sogetsu School

In this workshop we will focus on branches gathered in such a way as to create a container. This will be a fun exercise thinking outside the box.  We don't normally think of this type of material as a container.  This is a type of Morimono. Morimono literally means a 'piling up' of materials.  We will only use the tabletop in front of us and a cup Kenzan for added flowers.  I felt, with all the recent storms and an abundance of downed branches, that this would be the perfect opportunity to select interesting materials.

What to bring:


Please remember $5 Venue Fee

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